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We are a team of innovators and creators of opportunities in high-precision mechanics. We strive to ensure everybody working at Egile has an enriching, challenge-filled experience. We work with a constant focus on the future of our customers, employees and business.

We value and look for people who are willing to give the best version of themselves, people who can, in an ongoing, demanding and committed learning environment, contribute their knowledge, skills and creativity in order to promote the Egile project.








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Discover some of our stories

Discover some of our stories

We at Egile conceive the relationship between the company and its people as something more than a mere “cash-for-work” transaction. This is due to our awareness that work is something that we spend a significant part of our lives doing, which greatly influences our way of life, our projects, families, ambitions and eagerness. This is also because we know that happy people build better companies.

Professional development

"After completing the vocational training for machining, all I knew was that I wanted to enter the the world of mechanics, but something told me it wasn't the time. Even though Egile had offered me a job, when they heard my concerns about continuing my studies, they did not hesitate to encourage me and give me the final push I needed to go to university."

Unai Etxebeste
Process Engineer

Flexibility / Work-life balance

"With the birth of our second child we found we had a lot more work… young children are completely dependent on you, and my wife and I clearly saw that we had to adapt our schedules in line with our children."

Asier Arana
Industrialisation Engineer


"My job requires me to be constantly refreshing my knowledge. The company has helped me so much, both professionally and on a personal level, by providing me with training, as well as the means and support necessary to make further progress."

Iratxe Llarena

Participation and intraentrepreneurship

"Egile pushed me on to do what I really wanted, which was to start a business of my own."

Álvaro Fraile
CEO and Co-Founder of ITS

Listening and personal growth

"It's not always easy to find time to listen to your collaborators and talk to them. At work you are away from their personal problems and concerns, and the GROW Project allows you to find a moment to connect. It's an excellent barometer to assess the state of your collaborators, and a powerful empowerment tool if you are the collaborator."

Iker López
Head of Quality

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Engineer for the desing for aircraft applications

Date of publication: 30/05/2023
Expiry date: 31/07/2023

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