Respecting diversity and promoting equal opportunities, as well as non-discrimination on the basis of gender, age, disability or any other circumstance.

Taking care of our environment, working to minimise any environmental impacts, and focusing on optimising the use of natural resources, energy and materials in our processes. All our actions in this area are integrated in our Environmental Management System, based on Standard ISO 14001.

Promoting policies to ensure a work-life balance, allowing families to develop to the maximum, and increasing efficiency in the workplace.

Generating value and wealth: the companies in our Group generate high value products or services for the sectors they operate in. We therefore help develop, innovate and enrich our environment and society in general.

Giving back to our environment, to the extent of our possibilities. We demonstrate this by sponsoring events and participating or collaborating in activities that promote social and human development in our community, including supporting our employees in sports activities that transcend their working lives.

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