Case Study Domiberia

Egile contributes to the modernisation of Domiberia production processes with their high-precision easy opening systems.

At the beginning of 2017, Egile and Domiberia agreed to deliver new conversion systems and presses for easy opening ends for the food industry, specifically for the Domiberia plant in Vigo.

The Domiberia company has ample experience and know-how in the metallographic sector. It is dedicated to the manufacture of metal containers and ends for the food (fish, vegetables, prepared foods and animal foods), industry and decoration markets, It also specialises in the preparation of metals (cutting, lacquering and printing). The company is owned by the Domínguez family, which has been in the packaging business since 1930 and also has many years of experience in other sectors, such as metal packaging for beverages, as well as plastic packaging. 

The initial project consisted in the delivery of 2 easy opening presses and their conversion systems. If the results were satisfactory, the intention was to increase the number of complete presses, each of which would cover different formats, to meet the full requirements of the project. The 2 initial systems are currently operating at full capacity in Domiberia facilities, with the intention of proceeding with the new installations during the remainder of 2020 and throughout 2021.

Behind this project is Egile's extensive experience in the design of high-precision die sets for easy opening systems and subsequent manufacture and assembly. The internal effort of the team in charge of carrying out the entire value chain of the project and the constant assistance and oversight of the team from Domiberia has resulted in a complex product that few manufacturers in the market are capable of delivering. 




For Domiberia, the challenge consisted in modernising their means of production, both as regards presses and conversion capabilities. This also entailed redesigning the finished product and therefore a new development of all the die setting involved in the production process. 

Domiberia started out the project with the intention of achieving several objectives. The first clear objective was to diversify their products, thereby increasing their portfolio with a greater number of easy opening ends. Other objectives were a significant increase in productivity and improvements of the finished product. 

All in all, the represented a clear commitment to improve their competitiveness and increase and strengthen their presence in the food container market.


Egile's solution:


Egile's thorough know-how of the design, assembly and preparation of die sets for a wide variety of formats and the priority they confer on customer needs have been key to providing Domiberia with a customised solution that covers all its needs.

It provides the necessary experience in the conversion from circular to linear press transmissions and reconditioning these in optimal operating conditions for long periods of time.

On the other hand, Egile offers rugged die sets with high operating reliability, prepared to work at high, demanding work speeds (up to 500 strikes/min) and that are suitable for different end formats, both round and shaped. 

This helps the customer to diversify their products and offer products that are more effective, while reducing manufacturing costs. The company also offers standard tab die sets, which increase flexibility of use.

All in all, this value proposal is highly suitable for the customer's needs and will help them to improve their position in the food container market.

It should be noted that several important players have taken part throughout these developments from the beginning of the project and without whom its successful result would not have been possible. On the one hand, the current head of product design projects, Ernai Solabarrieta, has played a significant role through his knowledge of Domiberia's technical demands and providing solutions that meet the necessary performance and quality conditions. On the other hand, Ekhi Illarramendi and Mikel Meabebasterretxea, current product development engineer and assembly coordinator, respectively, who have brought the construction and start-up of the presses to fruition. It would not have been possible to achieve these milestones, which require a considerable degree of technical capacity, without the close and active collaboration between Egile and Domiberia.




The milestones for development and start-up have been met in the majority of the projects due to the long-term effort and dedication demonstrated by Egile and Domiberia.

This has allowed Domiberia to begin meeting their scheduled objectives and improve their industrial process. Moreover, this will allow a balanced return on the significant and ambitious investment made by Domiberia in production equipment, not only with Egile, but with third parties.

This joint project between Egile and Domiberia has helped and will continue to help Domiberia to improve its position in the market, its competitiveness and the equipment in its production plant. 

Personal assessment: José Ángel Albolea (Manger of the Domiberia plant in Vigo)


Egile has demonstrated its capacity for adaptation, flexibility, involvement and proximity, all of which are distinguishing factors. These are some of the key factors involved in the final success of the developments undertaken during this project, in conjunction with the ongoing implementation of the new organisational and operational structure. 

All of this is a safe guarantee that Egile can be counted on as a trustworthy provider and developer, both present and future.

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